Sunday, January 16, 2011

My New Nightmare: To Drown in Pool of Chevre

I have a pretty sad story. When? Saturday morning? Where? At home. Set the scene: Me, my kitchen, really excited that I had bought, and so could eat oatmeal.

If this was a book, a smart reader would have fortold doom when I decided, after carefully preparing my non instant oatmeal, to put a dollop of yogurt on top. Not just any yogurt though, my new goat's milk yogurt.

If you had told me a week ago that there would ever be a meal that couldn't be approved by some melted goats cheese, I would have laughed in your face. Chocolate cake? MMM. Kiwis? Tangy. Tuna? Delish.

I would have been wrong though, because oatmeal with cinnamon and cardamon is NOT improved by the addition of goat yogurt, which, let me tell you, tastes EXACTLY like melted chevre. Oh My Yuck.

I hope I can spare you the pain of making a similar sad decision, when you were so excited to eat your formerly delicious smelling yogurt on a cold (let's be fair, cool) weekend morning.

In other sad news, several of you have recently asked me for photographic updates, and yes the majority of you are people who, while on facebook, are perheps less likely to login 3 times a day like the rest of us. Anyways, my answer is here, and it is: they are on facebook, of course.