Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jew for Jesus

Hello patient readers.
I have a story. For the sake of protecting privacy, more complete details are in the mass email - I guess if you miss details you should be on that list. Anyways, I found myself at a (lovely) dinner party at the home of some Messianic Jews (like Jews for Jesus. I am not quite sure). The hostess, who before living in Israel taught English in Chechnya for 14 years, was chatting with me about living far from one's family. She hates talking on the phone, and on skype, and in fact finds herself painfully lacking in things to say to her children when they call, and tells then not to call for a while. They ask her to be more emotionally open, she told me, but she isn't hiding any feelings, she just doesn't have any more! In fact, her daughter calls her crying once a month, during her period, and she tells her to call back a few days later when she isn't so emotional.

Obviously believing Jesus is your Messiah does something to the traditional Jewish mother.