Friday, December 3, 2010

Australia at it's Worst

Yesterday in light of the World Cup announcements I thought it be interesting to focus on the Australian bid, especially since it only received one vote and was dismissed straight away. Up until that moment though, an entire nation genuinely believed they had a chance of successfully bringing the cup to Australia, especially since 46 million dollars was spent on it. Following the announcement, the general feeling was that they were ‘robbed’ and the officials are ‘corrupt’.
Here is the issue; firstly it never belonged to them so it is impossible they were robbed. Secondly, corruption seems possible in accordance to recent revelations but it is close to impossible to prove in such a secretive process. As an Australian, I honestly believe the only next step we can take is to look back and understand how a country smaller then our smallest state was able to succeed.
The first major problem is this video:
If I tried to explain what was wrong with this video I would write enough to fill at least a master’s thesis. Simply put, there is nothing right about it. It is a glorified representation of out-dated, unoriginal and irrelevant stereotypes. Australia, or at least the major cities which is the center of the country in everything other than geography, is built upon a pluralistic multi-cultural population, a diverse union of people linked under the common banner of Australia. The kangaroo has nothing to do with the country we are, nor does a man riding a black motorcycle.
If we want to be respected on the international stage, lets forget these awful stereotypes and focus on the qualities that cant be stereotyped. Perhaps then we will have an opportunity of gaining respect on the world’s stage.
Enjoy the video though, it is bound to go down in history as one of the worst ever.
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