Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello, Hello, Goodbye, Hello

Saying goodbye a lot. Quite emotionally overwhelming, so as in all times of heightened emotions I turn to tea and Pride and Prejudice. I also recently watched Lost in Austen, a totally satisfying and silly TV miniseries for those of us who have had to buy second or third copies of our P and P dvds and books.

Also saying "hello" to my late twenties. I have one wrinkle, in the middle of my forehead, but it only appears when I wrinkled my eyebrows. This might be tmi, but along with this wrinle, I also have zits, which are the only possible cause for a woman I met last week asking if I am in high school. High school!

I am trying to figure out how to pass along non anonymous news about my new doing without creating a password protected blog, or having to keep two blogs, and I think the answer might be to just put all my doings here. Less fun New York Times links and more navel gazing of an extended culture shock variety. Who knows?!?!?