Friday, August 6, 2010

Some Things I learned from Gary Shteyngart Yesterday:

First of all, who is Gary Shteyngart? One of my favorite authors, who wrote Absurdistan, Russian Debutante's Handbook, and most recently Super Sad True Love Story.

Hear are some tidbits:
Gary Shteyngart went to Yeshiva Hebrew school for 8 years, where he was deemed uncool because he snuck porky snacks into the bathrooms.

Gary Shteyngart was a janitor at Brookhaven, the nuclear lab. He had to where a geiger counter around his neck, which beeped a lot.

Berkeley audiences ask stupid questions like "How do we get our kids to read and not to vote for Sarah Palin."

Korean and Russian immigrants would kill their children for only getting into Swarthmore or Oberlin instead of at least a lesser ivy like Penn or Cornell.

You should buy those books and read them. I've lent mine out, and don't know to whom. If I lent them to you, please read them and pass them on or return them.