Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I just took a gander of the list of service providers of people reading this. A lot of you all have been reading at work. Also, a lot of you work at really cool places - so I have some shoutouts.

To the person who works at a place starting with J in Pasadena, next time I come down South I'd really love to see a you know what (you know, Boom, whoooooosh roooooar) and a you know what (you know, click, oooh, mechanical arm, grab oooh). To the people at a certain dotcom just south of here... will you bring me some free naked juice? I like red ones. To the person working in the office of California's most famous Austrian... what's that like? Does he still get grabby in the elevator? To the people at the other dot com with some privacy issues - please don't read my messages on your social networking site.
Hope I'm not violating anyone's privacy too much.