Saturday, July 3, 2010

Inedible to Incredible? Lazy and Crazy.

I needed to unwind my brain a little, so I turned on the TV to a show I had never heard of called 'Inedible to Incredible.' Bear with me, because it is a little complicated. This is a reality TV show where a terrible cook is nominated, and  a 'famous" (I don't know, I'd never heard of him, but what do I know) chef (John Besh) goes to the nominees house, surprises them, and teaches them how to cook tasty versions of three of their most disastrous standards. Ok, as reality TV shows this doesn't seem sillier than any, and the dishes I saw last night were truly astonishingly horrible. Hamburger with strawberries and cornflakes? The problem is, this women had been nominated by her husband, and with a tiny bit of perusal, all of the subjects of this show are wives and mothers nominated by their husbands. Gentlemen, if your wife gives you hamburger with strawberries and cornflakes in it (and an egg on top, fried in an inch of oil) LEARN HOW TO COOK. These guys are not victims of their wives' undiscerning palates, they are both victims and perpetrators of BS 19th century ideas about division of labor within a household. Seriously, they can't claim not knowing how to cook as an excuse, as clearly they were almost being killed. So I don't know what kind of bullshit household dynamics would make a man humiliate his wife on television rather than pick up a wok or skillet once in a while, but get over it. Thats all folks.