Sunday, April 11, 2010

Snappy Title Here

Three things.
1. I have realized that the number of people who read my blog every day depends very heavily on how snappy the title of my post is. I have a hard time knowing in advance what a 'snappy' post title is, and kind of don't think about getting people to read what I'm writing as I'm doing it, but do enjoy lots of traffic. So there you go.

2. I just found money in a paypal account I didn't even remember I have. I was very confused, and after some sleuthing realized it is because I had set it up in 2007 to pay rent, put money into it (or something), then decided to pay by check.

3. There is a certain topic near and dear to my heart that I have never written about on this blog. Mostly this is because if I started writing about this a lot 94% of you would get real bored and never come back, but also because I am not sure I know enough to blog regularly about it. If you know me in real life (which let's get real, most of you do) you can probably guess what this topic is - here's a hint - what were a lot of my mass emails about last year? Anyways, I am contemplating starting a separate, not anonymous (semi anonymous?) blog about this topic, and trying hard to get a really wide variety of guest posts, if you know what I mean.