Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Mailbox Madness

I got the best snail-mail today ever. First of all, Census 2010 whoo hoo! Yes, I was disappointed to get the short form, but I will make up for it by filling it out with the utmost care and accuracy. Nothing can quite live up to the excitement of getting the American Communities Survey form of 2007(ish), but I am excited nonetheless. The other exciting thing I got is the Zabar's catalog. OMG. I've never seen the catalog before. This is like what they would use to torture a Jewish Guantanamo prisoner, for reals. I am especially fond of "Zabar's Ultimate Basket," or as the internets calls it, the "Zabar's Ultimate Zabar's Basket."  It is so ridiculous it moves into the realm of the sublime, all for only $495 plus $15 dollars next day delivery fee. I think it would be important actually do get this delivered on a Friday night so one has the whole weekend to unpack, taste, and invite selected people over for brunch.

In summary, if you want to buy me this basket, leave a message and I'll send you my address, and maybe a plane ticket so you can help me unpack.