Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The NYT Lets Me Down

If you are watching the Olympics on NBC, especially if you are on the West Coast (of America, for you Venezuelan and Kiwi readers - I know you're there and it tickles me pink) DON'T try to read the New York Times online unless you want spoilers about what Johnny Weir will where in the short program, and even who wins totally important things like snowboard motocross, or whatever. Seriously though, don't do it because you will read the headline, and then get upset and try to watch anyways and forget you saw the headline, but not be able to do it. Sorry NYT, you lose. And in case you were wondering, yes I wrote an email to them to complain about spoilers.

Also, I am currently reading the SF Panorama - the broadsheet version of this quarter's McSweeney's. It is very enjoyable, not at all time sensitive (unlike a real paper), and totally worth the $16.