Friday, January 14, 2011


I wanted to give a shout out to a few things I appreciate: 1. Jansport. The backpacks. You know they have a lifetime warrenty? That could be the last backpack you ever have to pay for. Amazing. 2. Chickensoup. You just put stuff in a pot with boiling water and it tastes like MAGIC and prevents the FLU. 3. Bahai people. So friendly! Such nice gardens. 4. Canada. I give them shit, but really they are adorable, kind of like Minnesota. 5. Being fluent in English. Learning languages is hard. Learning English is ridic. 6. This might be controversial but: Google. Do you remember how useless the web was before it? Alta vista anyone? 7. US copyright laws. Did you know that stuff more than 75 years old is... free? Public property? Something amazing like that. 8. The New Yorker, but only because I can't find any way to read it now without paying like $120 a year. Not only because of that, but you know, absence makes the heart go fonder. 9. Creative people. Because I am not, but I do appreciate your work, some of it, as long as you don't talk too much about your creative processes or whatever.

Ok thats all. I seem to have misplaced my snark