Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Gospel According to Me

1. Why did I forget how great The Cranberries are?
2. New Yorker short story podcasts are the best way to survive a long car journey. Specifically this is incredible. 
3. I wish my short stories were good like that. I wish I knew how to write dialogue. My dialogue is mostly awkward punctuation.
4. Please listen to/ read the story above.
5. Also read Ian Frazier's series in the New Yorker about Siberia.
6. Then maybe get a subscription to the New Yorker because it is amazing.
7. Nick Hornby wrote the lyrics for a Ben Fold's album, which includes a song with Pamplamoose, the youtube cover band phenom.
8. I am getting through my summer reading list. Actually I don't think I will finish the civil war book because I can only take a few pages at a time, and also I think I lost it (left it in LA?).
9. Also, I feel like I should know this, but are a bunch of the health care mandates from the health care plan (remember?) going to take effect in January? That is so soon!