Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's the dealio? Who says you can't buy happiness? Things that will put a smile on your face.

It hailed yesterday, which is like, totally bizarre and out of character for the sunny and temperate Bay Area. Do you know what isn't out of character? Amazingness. I wanted to give a plug for two AMAZING things I did/ went to last weekend - one of which you can only do again in July, and one of which you can do on the third Saturday of every month. The first: The Real Americans, by Dan Hoyle. It's a one man show based on Dan's travels around the US to meet real Americans and eat pie with them in diners. His imitations of the varieties of San Franciscans in their 20's alone is priceless - but the whole thing is brilliant. The next is Non-Stop Bhangra - I don't know that the website fully does it justice, but it is a night of dancing to addictively percussive Bhangra (Punjabi) music, mostly mixed with dub or hip hop, with some bhangra performances thrown in. So much fun you can't believe it.

I almost offered to reimburse anyone who went to either of these things and hated it, but that is the kind of silly bet with no upside I need to steer clear of. Anyways, my integrity and trustworthiness is on the line - go to both! The play has been selling out way way in advance, so buy tickets now.