Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Ex-Power Point Ranger Speaks up For Peace in the Middle East

Power point Rangers, we learn, in the American military, spend all of their time creating power point presentations, which have become ubiquitous in the army despite claims that it allows for vague and simplistic thinking.

I'd like to come forward and admit something. I too was once a power point ranger. A civilian one, yes, but the symptoms are the same. While knocking out a nice graph or two came easily, I had to spend hours making sure my margins were identical on every page, and that the shadows of 3d bars on bar charts had the identical width throughout the presentation. I had to condense the explanation for intergenerational transfer of poverty from 4 bullet points to 3 because if I made the font small enough to fit everything, it was too hard to read, and I had to delete the footnotes citing data sources, and giving caveats, because apparently there are no footnotes in power point.

I'm not sure if you readers can sense my bitterness. Peace in the middle east is impossible until the army bans power point, and that is that.