Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Stalin.

I may have an esoteric obsession with Turkmenistan, but Turkmenistan, I feel, is the bastard love child of the Soviet Union and the Middle East. Just as I would want to meet the bastard love-parents of someone I loved, I must then reasonably be at least somewhat interested in Russia and the Middle East.

Luckily, Russia is so interesting it needs no excuses. Stalin's 130th birthday was last week. Happy Birthday Stalin! In his call-in show, Putin defended Stalin as helping Russia in it's (inevitable?) march towards industrialization. Russians, apparently, are fond of Stalin for his great leadership and management abilities. I don't have any super insightful comments on why Russia seems fond of strong, forceful men. Nastrovya! Having read this post over I realize it may not be clear that I find this love, or at least respect for Stalin bizarre, not commendable - you wont find me popping out of that "Happy Birthday Joseph" birthday cake.