Tuesday, July 1, 2008

wherre will I get my half caf low fat mocha venti machiatto?

The NYT tells me that Starbucks is closing 600 stores in response to the economic downturn. On one hand, those of you know know me (which is none, actually) know that I am no fan of the 'green lady' - I think they are bland, strategically attempt to eliminate their non-chain competitors (this mostly be true in my hometown) and sell overpriced drinks that aren't very good.

That said, I have many friends who have worked for Starbucks, because they provide health care to part time workers! And they take employee training pretty seriously! And they promote from within! And they provide a fair trade coffee option! Basically, Starbucks is a pretty decent corporate citizen - the 12,000 jobs lost are 12,000 pretty good jobs, with the potential for health care, and for a promotion opportunities.

In addition, I can't really imagine that cute mom and pop coffee shops will open up in many of the closed Starbucks stores. Overall, despite my strong strong dislike for Starbucks, bad news.