Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm going to bring you news of the most important cultural event of the year, thats right, you guessed it - the Eurovision song contest. Eurovision has brought us such gems as 2006 winners Lordi, with their Hardrock Hallelujah, and from all appearances this year's crop will not disappoint.

I have done you the favor of culling through a bunch of the entries (not all though, I'm not that dedicated) to find the most crucial ones for your viewing pleasure.

This year's award for originality is going to have to go to Ireland, about whose entry I have nothing bad to say. As Dustin the Turkey says, Ireland is a nation that knows how to write a song. Dustin doesn't take best video, for which you'll have to luck East, and uh, I'm guessing a bit south to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have NO IDEA what this video is about, but I did recognize the words 'dolce banana' in the song, which I assume means sweet banana. This only makes sense, because who has ever had a sour banana?

As you might be able to tell if you click on the links, my taste by no means runs only , or even mostly to the tasteful, but I'm going to have to give a shout out in a bad way to Azerbaijan. It is the first they have submitted a song to Eurovision, so maybe practice makes perfect, but people, it takes a lot more than that to pull off angel wings. Basically the angel vs. devil thing is hard to pull off if you really want someone to chop off the angel's head. Taken alone, Finland's band is a bit different, and therefore interesting, but in the context of past winners Lordi - it's been done.

Don't get me wrong there are many boring entrants that you shouldn't really waste time watching (ok, the France video is pretty cool, but close your eyes and listen to the song - tres non cool).

In case you're American and don't know, voting for Eurovision is complicated, and not done based on skill but on geographical and linguistic proximity, and shared history. The Slavic countries tend to vote in a block, as do the Baltic countries, and the ex Soviet type countries. This makes France and Germany very pissy, because they are used to winning, but tough cookies.