Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I saw this ad - the 30 second general audience one - on TV recently. At first I assumed it was sponsored by a church, like, say perhaps the Catholic Church. By the end, I realized that the website given in the ad was a .gov, and that the federal government was paying for this.

For real, guys? For real? They hired a PR company to make the ad, I don't know for how much, but this company charges $4500 to orchestrate a press conference. $4500 would buy 45,000 condoms here which I think would go a lot further in preventing teenage pregnancies than just as many awkward conversations.

Funny how the Department of Health and Human Services are the ones who tried (and failed) to keep children in low and middle income families from being eligible for health insurance under SCHIP - I guess its important to make sure that parents are telling their kids not to have sex, but not to make sure those kids have access to a pediatrician who might tell them the same thing, or, say, make sure if they are having sex they do it healthily.

In summary: pediatricians rock, safe sex rocks, lame TV ads don't rock, the federal government is off its rocker.